Brittany - Jackson, Wyoming
Entered on February 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


Opportunity, the thing that brought most people to this land. It also gives you a chance to be the best you can be. I believe in opportunity. I once thought that everything was just luck, or nothing at all. I see now that things I do every day are opportunities for my future.

November 1999, my grandpa was working on a plaster job in Jackson, a place I had never heard of. I was only five so I didn’t know of many places besides Rexburg. Hed just got back from his job when he told my mom that the owner of the business that he had just plastered was looking for two new managers. And get this his last name was Lyman too, now that isn’t opportunity that was just luck. At the time my mom worked at Artco and my dad worked as a potato farmer. My parents were really worried, because they knew how rich of a town Jackson was, but they decided to take the job and move to Jackson. My parents are earning about 5 times more then years ago, and we actually live in a house, not a trailer. Opportunity.

Middle school on your way to making decisions for the rest of your life. 6th graders have one of the biggest decisions of all, band, orchestra, or choir. Well I hated singing and I don’t want to play bluegrass, so I went with band. After sixth grade you get the chose to continue band or chose something like shop or art. We started out the sixth grade year with about 107 kids in seventh grade we only had about 68, then the number went down this year to only about 25. Three years of band have led to three new instruments in my musical life. Therese the trumpet, French horn, guitar, and the piano. Hopefully I will learn more in the future. Opportunity.

BUMP, SET, SPIKE! Volley ball one of the greatest sports ever invented, besides football of course. About two years ago I didn’t used to think that, I thought volleyball was for wussey girls, but now I think the exact opposite. My friend Alyson was the one who wanted me to play. I really didn’t want to, I did it, cause she really wanted me to. Now it is one of my favorite sports. I have 21/2-hour practices every other day and I am really getting good. Opportunity.

Opportunity is really important even though it doesn’t seem like anything in the beginning but in the long run it pays off. Now I have two things to guide my life. I want to make something out of my life. I could end up being a famous musician or maybe a famous volleyball player. Opportunity has showed me that.