Ryan - Valdese, North Carolina
Entered on February 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Whenever we look to escape the reality of everyday life, one faithful friend remains that we can turn to, movies. Movies create openings for us to emerge from the shadow cast by the reality of the world around us, and they present us with the opportunity to become more than just silly bystanders. They allow us to put on a mask and fight the criminals in Gotham City, they allow us to travel back to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, and they even allow us to witness legendary heroes from before our times.

Not long ago I began working at the local theater, and because this was my first job, I thought nothing of the magnificent opportunity that had presented itself to me. However, through this experience I have grown to greatly appreciate the amount of freedom that movies create. Serving popcorn and selling tickets may sound somewhat boring and uneventful, but to know that I am able to provide the community with an exit door from reality… the feeling is quite extraordinary. Many events occur at the movie theater, but my favorite memories do not lie in the job itself, but in the unimaginable worlds in wardrobes, the spider webs of haunted houses, and the boxes of chocolate that teach life long lessons. More than just pieces of 35 millimeter film, movies have the power to evoke such reactions as gut wrenching laughs and streams of tears. Emotions that existed exclusively in literature less than a century ago now project onto the screens of movie theaters world wide. I used to view movies as a form of entertainment, but the impact that movies such as Cinderella Man and Stranger than Fiction have had on me has allowed me to realize that this is my true form of expression. Movies provide us with an escape pod from the spaceship of boredom, they inspire us to keep going when our situations appear impossible through underdog championships, and they document the truths that awaken us to the realities of our modern world. Over the past year and a half, I have learned to truly appreciate the importance of movies and the effects that they have on society. Movies have become a passion of mine, and they present truths in a light that all can appreciate.

It may seem somewhat naïve to regard movies in such high esteem, but like literature, movies make available to us imaginations, fantasies, and even some realities. For many, movies provide the only escape from the monotony of everyday life, and because of this, movies are the genre of expression that reveal our purposes in life and our true beliefs. This, I believe.