Man’s True Best Friend

Kiet - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on February 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Following 7 hours of school and 2 hours of extracurricular, I return home worn and fatigued ready to cease all activity and take a moment to recover. At that moment, I have no desire to any further activities, and knowing there are still many tasks laid in front of me, I become discouraged. However, following my long day, as I press the garage door code, proceed walking towards the doors, discard my shoes, and finally open the door to my home, I then hear the familiar and distinct noise of paws scraping against the wooden floor. At that moment, standing before me, stands a brown, four legged dog vigorously wagging his tail. Not even surpassing a standing height of 1 foot, the Jack Russell Terrier named Cocoa proceeds to jump and claw towards my leg. This adorable action calls out for me to lift him up in my arms to hug. In this position, I carry him towards the living room and lie down with him lying atop my stomach as he then smothers me with kisses, portrayed by dogs with licks.

As this whole scene takes place, the only emotions and thoughts present in my mind are just that of happiness. I am able to fully embrace my pet and enjoy the moment as it occurs. No worries exist in the world revolving around me; my focus stays completely upon Cocoa. These small, but frequent meetings helped me realize the validity of a popularly inferred idea that dogs are man’s best friend.

I believe that dogs truly are man’s best friend. Animals can not necessarily communicate with humans, yet they seem to have a sense of awareness of man’s emotions. Although, regardless of what any human being may be feeling, dogs continue to behave as they wish towards humans. Dogs will not question anyone about any problems or emotions that person may have. But rather, the dog displays its happiness, its free, open, and friendly spirits and emotions towards humans. Regardless of any mistreatment, if there exists any bond between a dog and a human, the dog continues to comfort and display bliss towards the human. In my relationship with my pet, my friend, I feel dogs possess and display traits of a pure and true friendship.