Society. Old Generation vs. New Genertion

Dave - West Seneca, New York
Entered on February 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.”-Dean Acheson. I believe that societies adults believe that teenagers are downfall of mankind’s future. The reason I think this is true is because I hear it the news and in many discussions between adults. Many adults say that our generation is not as smart as the generations before us, this being said America’s youth is being challenged more then past generations, the reason I say this is because we are always told by our peers to overachieve and be better then they were. A lot of times were are told this and the stress factor becomes the blame for a lot of our actions in society, and by “our” I mean the newer generations. When I hangout with my friends I have noticed that the less wealthy family pushes their child to exceed to greater expectations, but when I visit my wealthier friends I notice that the parents do not mind their kids being below most other parents standards. I am not saying that the wealthier parents are relying on their money to bail their child out of dismal future, but if you see these kids with a crappy life they are constantly being told to get good grades, so that they can be someone when they grow up. So are the parents relying on our generation to bail them out of their credit card debt, maybe, or are they simply want us to be better at the things we do so that they can go around and be proud of us, and tell people “that’s my kid and he or she made a difference to better today’s society.” Probably if this happened more often the American dollar would be higher then Canada’s Looney, you know what? If I have to hear anyone else complain that the Canadian’s are coming over and buying stuff for a lower price because they can, I am going to say “what are you doing to change this?” What are you doing to change our “dollar” downfall? Go to Walmart and buy a new television because it is cheaper then Circuit City and put it on your credit card and not be able to pay it off. Then when you file bankruptcy thank god you bought that plasma screen TV, that is a little bigger then your last one, and when you go on and complain that the bank will not give you a loan because your credit is bad, I will say “at least you got that sweet plasma dude.” What I am trying to get at is, do not blame my generation for America’s downfall in economics, it is the adults of today’s that buy crap that they do not need, do not get around to paying it off, blame us for it, because at one point we mentioned it would be cool to have a new plasma TV because it would be sweet to play Xbox 360 on it.

Older Generations say that my generation does not talk about politics enough time to time, which I believe is true, because we find politics boring, and this is also true that I could get more of my friends to watch a Buffalo Sabres game, then watch one of President Bush’s speeches. Why is this? One being that hockey is a amazing sport with gripping action, and politics is full of old people talking about the American dollar loosing it value and what we got to do to fix it because their generation messed up. But, for a fact my generation is always talking about who will be president and who is going to be a better president, how do I know this because I hear it and I talk about it myself. So when my generation gets to the point of when we get the torch passed down to us I believe that we will be a much better and stronger society that will not make the same mistakes that the previous generation made.