enough is enough

jermey - westseneca, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A few days ago I was helping my little sister with her second grade math homework. It took a half hour to finish both work sheets. Some of the questions on her homework challenged me a 16yr old in eleventh grade. Now I would say that’s embarrassing. After math she told me she still had reading and spelling to do. I started to wonder when enough, these kids are in second grade and getting over an hour of homework. I would say all this homework at such a young age is ridiculous and will just make kids dislike school at a very young age. I believe that that standard of education these days is getting out of hand. The government is so focused on making sure everyone becomes rocket scientists that children are being stripped of there childhoods. Kids have to be so book smart now days that they have no time to get outside away from the books to use there imaginations an just have some old fashioned fun. It seems like kids are not getting outside as much as children in past generations. When I was a little kid I couldn’t wait to get out of school and get outside to play TV tag or with toy soldiers in the sandbox. I feel parents have a lot to do with this problem also, the government makes it seem as if your child does not succeed in school they will not succeed in life. Doing as any parent would do they challenge there children to study an do homework so there grades are good. I think this is a problem; kids are being pressured with so much schoolwork at too early of age possibly causing anxieties and future dropouts. Look at generations of the past, most did not even go to collage and they had successful happy lives. At the rate the standard of education is raising within the next ten years fifth graders could be learning algebra. When I was in middle school I remember asking my mom for help with my homework, she told me she never learned this stuff so I was on my own. When I have children I sure hope I don’t half to tell them I never learned this, that is why I believe the standard of education is getting out of hand.