Everything Happens for a Reason

Kayla - NC, North Carolina
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Everything happens for a reason.” I have heard these simple words spoken throughout my life, but I was never sure if I truly believed in them, until now. Does everything really happen for a reason, or is that just a phrase we use as a blanket to cover ourselves during the dark, cold moments that sometimes overshadow our lives?

Individuals tend to overlook the positive in life and sometimes focus solely on the negative, but the question is why? Why does someone dwell so deeply on the despair surrounding him but neglect to note the blessings that he posseses? Recently; I asked a fellow co-worker what his secret to life was. He is continously upbeat, has an incredible aura around him, and embeds everyone he encounters with a spectacular attitude. What was his answer? He has “nothing to be unhappy about.” Each day becomes a gift that has been bestowed upon him. He has his health, humor, and happiness, and with his attitude he has inspired me to be more grateful for every day that I get to live.

Our experiences in life make us the distinct characters that we are, but we must endure blissful as well as bitter concurrences to truly mold ourselves into the human beings that we become. Trials travel our way to teach us lessons that we are sometimes reluctant to learn. Life isn’t just hard; life is cruel. However, it is from the harshness that we learn to appreciate the euphoria. Would we recognize true blessedness if we didn’t get acquainted with true anguish?

Some circumstances we will never comprehend. Why I have cried myself to sleep some nights I may never know, but I do know this, “Everything happens for a reason.” I may not understand the reason, and I may question it, but I know deep down that there is justification behind my heartache. Therefore, the next time God smiles down on you, thank him. The next time tears stream down your face, stop to feel His comfort circumvent you and the next time you aren’t appreciative of the life you are leading, re-evaluate. Afterall, “Everything happens for a reason,” for better or for worse.