Rude is the new polite

Kristan - Orchard Park, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Being a teen in the 21st century is far different from being one in as little as thirty years ago. The differences extend further than the new fashion trends, or technology devices, or what’s popular now to do on the weekends and even new learning material being taught in school. It extends to the manners and politeness kids are being taught and practiced toward other or should I say lack of.

My mother coming from a family of twelve and my father from a family of five were both well educated on how to respect everyone, family, friends, neighbors, adults, teachers etc. Such as holding doors for one another, especially men for women, saying please, thank-you, and excuse, men pulling the chairs out for the women, hosts taking guests coats and making sure they are comfortable and multiple other examples. Due to their knowledge on such matter I’ve grown up and been informed on such material and adapted to my parents pointing out wrong impolite manners as they are happening. Therefore it has become normal for me to notice such behavior. It’s exceedingly noticeable just walking down the hallways during school. To me I have encountered friends and peers who have never been taught such basic mannerisms, which rightfully informed by my father saying that rarely if ever not always would have been taught. He claims along with several other older family relatives that along with manners being taught at home they were also taught in school. This is obliviously something lacking in the schools today.

Just recently I had taken a trip to visit family and colleges in the New England region. While touring some of the colleges it was apparent the lack of manners kids these days encompass. The simple gestures of just saying excuse me when the students would walk through the tour group to get by, or the holding of doors for one another, smiles exchanged, and not hearing phrases such as “don’t go to this school” were not evident. However there was a breath of fresh air at two out of seven schools where these behaviors were actually expressed, which resulted in a better liking toward those two particular colleges. Yet taking a look at it two schools out of seven in the big picture is not a breath of fresh air if you look at it from the whole perspective of overall kids manners. It results in far less than half that demonstrate any manners.

Its frightening to hear and see effortless actions denied showing a little kindness toward one another because the lack of knowledge kids have now only grows smaller as each generation moves along.