Work For What You Want

Kyle - orchard park, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was little I saw my uncle hitting golf balls, I was amazed by it how he could make the ball turn to the right (fade) or turn to the left (draw). From that point all I wanted to do was be able to play golf so my uncle and my grandfather took there old clubs cut them down and put new grips on them. I heard my uncle talking the one day about new clubs he had bought and how expensive they were. The next couple days I went to my grandparents and helped my grandfather with whatever work he was doing. When he asked me why I said im working off the golf clubs. He then told me that’s a good attitude to have and proceeded to tell me “ you will never get anything handed to you in life you have to work for it all.” then he said but these were a gift so go play.

I eventually started to play a lot with my uncle and my goal went from playing to beating him when I was 15 I finally beat him. When I was in 8th grade I was over weight and it would often bother me when I tried to lose weight every time I was working out I would hear my grandfather saying you have to work for everything you want. I lost my weight but still kept going to excel and be the best I could be. When I had my first job many people were doing the same job and even less work but were being paid a lot more then me when I told my granfather he said you have to work for everything you want, once again I took his advice. At the end of that summer I was offered the raise to the position I wanted. I have taken this advice and often thought of it every time I see something I want. No matter what the task I know I have work as hard as I can to reach that goal.