I Believe in Fishing

Ryley - 67216, Kansas
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I have encountered many beliefs of many people in my life so far and picked up a few on the way. One is that I believe in fishing as a sport and as a past time. Fishing is one of my favorite hobbies and my dad introduced me to it at the very young age of two. At that age all I could do was set the hook and take of backward, even so I was hooked for the rest of my life. There are different types of fishing such as bass fishing in which you walk around and through a lure and cat fishing in which you just throw out the line and wait. Fishing is a great past time and I believe everyone should experience it but it also contains other functions. Fishing lets me go into a deep thought usually analyzing the different parts of my life and where it may be headed. It is almost a type of meditation where relaxation and thinking goes on. There are many places to fish and meditate but it is easiest at a farm pond of some sort, out away from distractions to help clear the mind. I feel that the meditation helps to solve problems that are occurring in life and this makes life run smooth. When I am feeling stressed out and not sure what to do I just go fishing to help clear my mind and solve the problems at hand. There is something relaxing about fishing that’s just unexplainable and in my eyes mystical. More problems tend to arise as I grow older and this just means that I will just have to do more fishing to get to the right solution. Not only does great relaxation occur but once deep thought is reached you seem to hook into a monstrous fish and get a great thrill and adventure out of the deal as well. All in all fishing provides a great experience with action along with thought and relaxation so what more could you want.