Kids and Their Parents

Joshua - orchard park, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have found that often times kids and parents fight with each other for reasons that do not need to be fought over. Sometimes kids are punished for something they may not have done or the kid yells at his or her parents because of a misunderstanding.

It is not uncommon for kids and their parents to not get along. There are families who get along very well and some who don’t but there are always cases in which parents will argue over something with their kids. I believe that this can be prevented.

Kids don’t realize how stressful being a parent really is. Parents do not realize how much kids have to deal with and how much pressure they are put under. If kids took the time to stop and think and imagine what being their parents feels like then kids would respect their parents’ decisions a lot more. If parents did the same and realized how much pressure their kids may be under then the parents may not be so hard on their kids.

I also believe that the best way to solve a problem between parent and child is to sit down and negotiate. Talking can often help in a nonviolent way. It allows parents and kids to get along and both come to agreement. This way things are done and everyone can be happy. This causes kids to listen to their parents more because they can see that their parents are willing to help and make things easier for them. It also shows parents that they can trust their kids and give them some privileges and feel good about their decision at the same time.

This I believe could help many parents and kids to become closer to each other and prevent fighting or arguing. Listening is the first step to working out a problem.