So this i believe that kids should be active in what they want to do so they can be active and healthy as others do to have fun and enjoy it.

brandon - blasdell, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

As a toddler back when i was two years old on a hot summer day at the park, i caught my first football. Pass after pass and drop after drop i missed the ball. Then after about 100 times, i caught it on the top of my right shoulder. I always thought it was almost impossible to catch the ball. My dad was so proud of me that day. He taught me how to play all the sports there is like hockey, baseball, bowling, tennis, basketball, and even volleyball. I just want to pass the talents down to other kids who want to be active like me and my friends. So this i believe that kids should be active in what they want to do so they can be active and healthy as others do to have fun and enjoy it.

I had many inspirational athletic stars as Barry sanders, Warren Moon, Norm Duke, David Ortiz, and brett Farve. I learn by my father and i pay attention to sports on tv so i can learn new plays and new strategies. My favorite Football play is a trick play called the “Statue of liberty” recently played by the Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. These inspirational people got me into giving it a hundred and ten percent so that i wouldnt do anything wrong. Michael Irvin and Andre Reed inspired me to be the man and to jump high and have good catching skills. Also Maxim Afinogenov of the buffalo sabres inspired me to have good agility and good stick skill and be about speed. This led me into bigger challanges in sports trying to have the “perfect” catch or hit. But i dont want to try an injure a person unless they deserve it.

Then i join the football team a few years ago. I played all over the defensive part of the game. I got hurt a while back when i was like 10 playing baseball with college students. I got hit at shortstop in the right shoulder and i dislocated it and then had to recooperate. Then in football i reinjured that shoulder in a scrimmage, so i got back up and my teamates cheering and i went to the bench and during practices i helped and gave tips to other teamates who needed help. Then we finished second place that year and went to Daytona Beach, Florida and played in the nationals and came in last play with a record of zero and three.

My father taught me everything i need to know about sports and now i feel really bad because he just passed away in december and i now just want to make him proud by leading other people in the way they want to go in athletics, and thats why i want to be a gym teacher. Thats why people should go out and be active and enjoy yourselves like me and my friends do. There might be somthing that you like to do, but you might not always achieve it in your lifetime.