Sisterly Love

Kelsey - Buffalo, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

“Get out of my room!, Don’t touch my stuff!, I hate you!” These are just a few of the frequent remarks that my sister, Mackenzie, and I exchange back and forth on a daily basis. With our constant bickering my mom thinks that we don’t love each other and should stop being inconsiderate to one another. As for my sister and I, these acclamations are just sisterly love and the good things we do for each other out weigh them completely. Therefore, I believe, as much as we are known for fighting, there is no love stronger than that between my sister and me.

When we were younger Mackenzie and I were best friends. She would crack some joke and I would find myself laughing for hours. Her and I not only shared a room, which I thought was so cool at the time, but everything else including friends, clothes and the overwhelming love for the good looking boy band, the backstreet boys. We even looked and talked alike. However as time passed we started developing different personalities. She began to become more interested in how she looked all the time and of course wearing the perfect outfit was a must. On the other hand, I couldn’t be caught dead in a dress and played sports all day while she stayed inside and did her hair. We soon started fighting about little things that didn’t even matter and the whole room sharing thing got old quick. Her being two years younger than me and having such a different personality got in the way of us being friends, like we had been before.

Lately I’ve been asking myself if all the arguing is worth it and just a little while ago I realized that even though we bicker a lot and aren’t best friends like we used to be I still love her just as much. Although she talks on the phone and paints her nails while I go to the gym, I will always be there for her just as I would have when we were younger. She still makes me laugh and we still have fun times together, and even if our heartthrob, the backstreet boys, broke up we do share some common interests like the love for ice cream and the TV show Kyle XY. Despite the fact that sometimes the love we have for each other may seem lost at times to my mom, or to even her and I, we always know that one argument cannot change anything, and in this more than anything else I truly believe.