You Are What You Wear

Jennifer - West Seneca, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that looking presentable can help a person in several different aspects during ones life. The way you express yourself though your looks and how others can tell what you are portraying is amazing. I think that the way you look and carry yourself says a lot about the kind of person that you are. I believe the quote, “you are what you wear,” is entirely true because people express themselves and their feelings through their clothing, hair, make-up and accessories. I personally always like to look my best because it gives a superior feeling about yourself and makes you more confident. I always feel more confident about myself when I am dressed up in clean clothes that are appropriate for the setting I am in. It’s important to me to match my make-up and accessories to my outfit. Another aspect of looking presentable is making my hair look nice by giving it a style I want for the day, not looking like I just woke up and ran out of the house.

The attitude or mood that you are in reflects your appearance and gives off a vibe to others and shows how you are feeling and want to be portrayed as. I wear clothing that is colorful when I want to stand out and be noticed. When I want to look more sophisticated and dressed up, I will wear darker or solid colors to look older and more professional. When getting dressed, I also focus on my hair because a hairstyle can totally change the way a person looks. I can wear my hair curly, straight, up or down and each style gives off a different look whether it’s fun, chic, fancy, sophisticated or just ready to hang out. Changing your appearance can most definitely change your life. I always dress to impress because you never know in life what surprises can happen. People respond better to those who dress well and look good.

When you dress to impress, people will take you more seriously. First impressions mean the world to people. Getting your license, going for a job interview or promotion and other opportunities can be granted to you just on that first impression of you, which most times is your appearance. At the first glance, someone can tell what kind of person you are by your clothing, facial expressions and body language. I think that people should always want to look their best, especially teenagers, because many times adults don’t think of teens as serious. If you look nice and put together, I believe that adults will respect what you are saying more than if you are not nicely dressed. When applying for jobs or on an interview, you want to look professional and give the impression that you can take on any task that is given to you. Certain jobs require you to dress in a certain way. A person with a lot of tattoos and piercing may not get hired in an upscale clothing store because those styles, appropriate in some settings, may frighten or turn people away from those settings and make them look wild and unprofessional.

How you look is the first thing someone knows about you, so you always want to make a good impression so they will remember you in good ways. The way you look can take you further in life. Although there are certain times and places for different styles. Always think about what is appropriate for the setting you are in, whether it be clothing to just hang out and relax in, to go to work or going out for the night. Whether you are in a setting where you should be dressed up or dressed down, you should always look presentable so that people do not make bad judgments about you by the way you look.