In the streets

Johanna - Leesburg, Virginia
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In the streets it is hardcore. In Northern Virginia foreclosure rates have soared. Soon many families will be displaced. As homeless, society outcasts, my husband, a friend and I have a daily struggle to survive.

We have to pan-handle, attempt to live off of our SSI checks, and wander aimlessly around the small town here.

There is a drop-in center that kicks out the homeless whenever they please. There is no written list of rules, some version of religious intent, as interpreted by the staff and its disposition,

The staff at the drop-in center kicked my husband and I out, when we were just trying to feed ourselves and our friend. Their excuse for any bad behavior is they are “a non profit organization.”

It sad when they have to take their anxiety’s out on simple people trying to survive. I’d love to take a picture of the staff eating the donations intended for the homeless.

It’s pretty bad when a person who has a home, picks on the weak and runs his shelter like he paid for it!

Good citizen’s intended to help those in need and like a sick pastor,who molests children somethings wrong. You need to see where your donated dollars actually go. Try following them someday.

I believe that the meek will inherit the earth someday. That will actually happen when we delete the middleman.

Places like ‘The Salvat*** Army employees steal any significant funds or items.

If you would really like to help, hand out your donations directly to the homeless. Why is it that the homeless have a totally different set of “Rights” that makes them subject to religious fanatics who take advantage of the meek who don’t steal.

Most police jurisdictions hassle and run off any vagrants.