Have you ever thought about this?

Katie - Orchard Park, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I’m 16 years old and on the verge obtaining my drivers license. It is currently February of my junior year of high school and everyone else around me is starting to get their licenses. My birthday was last April so I’ve almost had my permit for about 10 months now. To me driving is a privilege and should be taken seriously, even though they are many careless and reckless teens out on the road that you sit back and think to yourself why and how did they even get their license. But I ask myself this, “Is it necessary for me to get my license right now?” the answer to this question is no. At times it would seem perfect to have my license and just hang out with my friends at the mall or movies but has anyone ever thought of what could happen.

Well for starters there is the price of insurance, which alone is expensive if you have had accidents or not, then put in the cost of gas, which has been on the rise over the years and days as a matter of fact, now think about whose car you are going to use, your mothers, your fathers, or a sibling’s. Then start to add in these facts, friends, music, distractions, cell phones, weather, and the other cars around you. No one can predict what will happen before it happens, and all of these things could set you up for disaster. Yet have any of these factors affected teens, probably not. Most of them don’t realize any of these effects that could happen because of these things. Now think about what would happen if you, an inexperienced driver, gets in an accident because of inexperience or carelessness, and you seriously injure or possibly kill yourself, the person in the car or the person in the other car. Granted, hopefully none of this will ever happen to you, but think of all of the other teenagers who have had that happen to them. It’s a scary world out there, and you determine how your life will turn out.

I believe that teenagers with their permit should have a full year of practice before getting their license. There should be none of those special licenses that allow you to drive to work, school, or religion, because half of these kids drive whenever they want and with whoever they want and never get caught. Also I believe that it should be mandatory for teens to attend some kind of lesson, whether its drivers education or private lessons because it is way to easy to pick up bad habits from your parents when it comes to driving. I personally went to a driving school and had a teacher that took me out for a certain period of time by myself and taught me the “do’s” and “do not’s” of driving. If I would have just learned from my parents, I probably would not be passing my road test that is coming up.

Honestly think about this, would you seriously want to rush into something as little as your license and get into an accident that could possibly cost you, your life or a persons life around you. Or would you take the time to get a full year of practice to be an experienced driver? I choose life, I would rather take the time to learn something right the first time rather than having to pay for it in the long run. That’s why in my opinion I believe taking the time to get your license, and to know what your doing will seriously decrease the amount of teenage deaths due to inexperienced driving as well as accidents in general around the world.