Peer pressure in teenage life

Lauren - Orchard Park, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Before I go out I always get “the speech” to do what is right, make good decisions and to be myself. This is probably something many parents say to their kids. I find it amazing to see how differently my teenage friends will act at home and how they act with their friends. For this I believe, that pressure from peers and media reflects the way many teens act.

I think I can speak for most teens when I say some of the decisions I make with friends are not ones I would make around my parents or other adults. Usually when parents hear about the latest trends in today’s teenage society, they are amazed that their child would be interested in that and how times have changed since they were teenagers. Many of the decisions kids make today are because of peer pressure; I don’t know many teens who don’t struggle to fit in and want to follow the right crowd. It is easy to tell a teen that they don’t have to be a follower and that they are just fine the way they are, but with the pressure from friends and media, being your true self seems impossible.

I think the media puts strong ideas in the way guys and girls see themselves. For example, if one girl gets her hair cut like Victoria Beckham, two days later half the school has the same hair.

Struggling to fit in and the temptations is something I think all teens have to deal with. Hanging out with the right group of friends seems important now, but after high school and college we will all look back and not care about who our group of best friends were, what we wore to school, who had the later curfew or the parties we all went to.

I agree with “the speech” that I am always told, but it is easier said than done. I try not to let the media and me peers influence me but with today’s society, I think everyone is influenced from the pressure.