Rhiannon - Havelock, North Carolina
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in colors. I believe how each color can represent the color of a person. Each person has a favorite color, and with that color it represents who they are. For example a rich dark green for someone can represent them by saying how calm they are. A brick red can represent how sturdy they are and how much they can take on a daily bases.

Some people may have the same shades as others but to represent them in a different way. For example two people’s favorite color is midnight blue, one person could use it to represent them as a heavy sleeper, and the other could use it to represent them as artistic.

Although a color may represent someone many people don’t know what their favorite color is or how it represents them. A person can spend from weeks to months to even years trying to find a color that suite them best. For me it took year’s o find out what my color was. I went through more colors in a year than a normal person would in a week. Throughout the time I was experimenting with colors trying to fine on that suited me I was always picked on because I didn’t belong in a “click”. Every color I wore was changed trying to find one that felt like me and a color I could relate to with everyone else like me. It took 9 school years for me to find that my color is blue, because I’m as unpredictable as the sky and sea.

So when people ask me what I believe in I tell them colors. Why? Because in my eyes a color is the only way to tell others who you are, even if you don’t know what your color is yet. Theirs always one meant just for you.