Jock’s Don’t Get It

David - Orchard Park, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I’m an avid enthusiast of the theater. I’ve participated in all five musicals/dramas I’ve been eligible for during my high school career, and one thing remains constant: We get the brunt of all of the jocks and athletes jokes. They say we’re gay, they belittle us, and they laugh at us when we’re on stage…and we don’t perform comedies! It’s annoying and really hurts us.

Every year, it’s the same treatment. We perform for the school, they either laugh at us or make comments about us behind our backs. It’s really hurtful. No one except us, has a clue what we go through to prepare for a show. We first get the scripts, then vocal rehearsals, then rehearsals where we just read lines. Then dance rehearsals. Then we add music, then we add lines, then we add the pit orchestra, then the stage crew, then the costumes, then make-up, and then we perform. All football players do is memorize a few plays, and play a game. I can guarantee you that most football players do not liked to be laughed at. Neither do we.

I’d like to say it doesn’t bother me, but really, it does. We don’t go to football games and laugh at our running back when he fumbles. We don’t go to lacrosse games and make fun of the short shorts that they wear. We don’t go to swim meets and make fun of the speedoes that the swimmers wear. So why should they get the right to make fun of us up on stage.

I’d like to see all the athletes get up on stage. That way, they’d see how much work it truly is. I’d like to slap a copy of Wicked, or Damn Yankees in front of them, give them 4 months to memorize lyrics, lines, choreography, and stage positions, plus listen to costume ladies fuss about their outfits, or listen to stage crew about how you shouldn’t play with the microphones. Maybe then they wouldn’t make fun of us so much. Maybe then they’d appreciate the effort that it takes to get up on stage in front of so many people and perform. Maybe then they would understand.