People Care too much

Stephanie - blasdell, New York
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Stephanie Weber

People Care Too Much

I believe that people care too much about what other people think. People could worry about so many other more important things. I think that kids in high school are a prime example of this.

When I walk around my high school I see many different kinds of people. All these dressed up girls with their designer hand bags, dressed to impress, and looking good. Some girls do this to impress guys. I no I did I always thought wow if I look good maybe this guy will think I look good and like me. I could tell all those girls there wrong it doesn’t matter how you dress. Some girls might think oh if I dress good then people will know I’m better then them. I never thought like this yes I dressed nice sometimes but other then that I don’t care what other people think of me that’s why I dress like a slob. Then you have some girls that dress like this because they don’t have a lot but they have their clothes to get complemented on. I used to dress up just so I could hear people say wow Steph you look good today. It always brought my self esteem up in a way.

Another way high school girls show that they care way to much about what other people think is when girls spread rumors and say something about other girls. Lets say someone says something mean and untrue about me, before I was told the advice don’t care what other people think about you I used to freak out. The only reason I would freak out was to show the other person how wrong they were. Now I know how to just pretend like the other person didn’t say anything about me at all, because why should I care what other people think of me. I have my true friends and they love me for who I am. Hate it or love it I am who I am and I don’t care what you think about me. Don’t like me because I’m not a certain way…I’ll get over that real quick.

The last way I can think of people in high school caring too much is when they get tests back. I know I do this every now and then you get a test back and everyone is always like “what did you get, what did you get” and if you get a bad grade kids are like wow your dumb. I used to always come up with this comeback “no I’m not dumb do you remember the test a while back you got a bad grade and I did amazing? Yeah what now”. Now I just don’t care and I say “yup I’m dumb” and then put the test in my folder and forget about it.

As I experience more things in life and I see myself not caring about what other people think about me I just sit back and watch to see what is happening in other peoples life and if I didn’t have that laid back attitude how much more stressful my life because of the things I believe in.