This I Believe

nicole - 48170, Michigan
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Let them eat cake”

Thru the years I always found that the best memories and moments in are lives like birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, thanksgiving all have the same small thing in common…. Cake. How can such a simple dessert bring out the best in everyone, make people smile, and it always has a way to celebrate the best times in our lives? It is more than just some flour and icing it is accomplishments and milestones in our lives. I believe in the power of cake!

The best and most memorial times we share in our lives starts with a piece of cake some ice cream, friends, family and loved ones .A graduation from college, all the hard work and studying bring you to an accomplishment in your life that is celebrated with cake. A child’s first birthday would not be the same without the cake that is smashed in their face and hair. A child’s first birthday is one of the most special birthdays they will have and there is always the cake. Its funny to me that on this particular birthday the cake is just sitting in the corner taunting saying “smash me, please smash me in your face”. This is the only time that this particular action is encouraged, just to see the cake ruined and destroyed, brings joy and laughter that will last a life time. Every life changing event good, and bad, like a funeral for instance is shared together with cake and conversation. A 50th wedding anniversary has a cake position at the front of the room on a table with the words carved in it like stone that reads “Here’s to all the memories”. That cake has just summed up fifty years of love and hope and memories that a couple has shared together. Cake is present at every function, wedding, birthday, and life changing accomplishment we have. This small understated piece of dessert brings family and friends together to celebrate the good times in our lives.

To describe cake as nothing less that amazing would be an understatement. People get together just to bake a cake, mix and decorate cake. Children line up and fight over the batter on the spoons just so they can lick it. The house would fill up with a wonderful aroma that would last all day. Everyone remembers a time that they where in the kitchen with their mother making one of her famous recipes. You just couldn’t wait until it was done so you could have a piece. But most of all you where glad you were able to spend time with your mother. Cake brings people of all age, race, gender and ethnic backgrounds together to share and enjoy dessert and the company of others.

In this world today there are so many heartbreaking events that occur day in and day out. All is forgotten when friends and family come together to celebrate, laugh for a joyful event filled with food and of course cake. The symbol that cake stands for is much more than just food; it is happiness, joy and accomplishments. It is tears and commitment, honor, prayer and love. It brings people together magically and I deeply and truly believe in the power of cake.