I believe in love

Arialle - Hickory, North Carolina
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

People seek power in many ways: wealth, alliances, strength. Yet one of the most powerful tools in the world goes unnoticed and overlooked. Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. What else can heal the deepest wounds, find the lost, and withstand death? What else but love?

I didn’t always believe in love. Like so many others in this world, I felt love to be weak, fragile, and a bit cliché. However, recently I’ve discovered the flaws of my own mentality.

I had a friend who truly understood the meaning of love. He opened up his heart and chose to love and care about others. He went out of his way to love everyone he met, including me. Even when I pushed him away and resisted all of his attempts to prove to me that love could be genuine and real, he continued loving me long past when I deserved his hatred. I remember one Sunday night after church, Chance asked if he could drive me home. When we pulled into the driveway he reached behind his seat and pulled out a small bouquet of red roses, my favorite flowers. Then he handed me a single plastic rose because he wanted to give me something that would never die. I had never seen Chance so serious; his face, which usually glowed with humor and laughter, was overwhelmed with a look of genuine sincerity. He looked into my eyes and told me, “I love you.” He said he knew that I had trouble trying to trust others and had been hurt in past relationships. But he promised he would always love me and would never intentionally hurt me. It took about five seconds for my initial joy to turn into fear. I thought of every excuse for why his declaration would have to be false. So I turned to him, said thank you, and went inside. Chance wasn’t angry or upset with me, not then, and not even when I broke up with him a few weeks later without any just reason. He remained my friend and continued to love me. This past December, Chance pasted away. It shames me to say that it took a tragedy for me to realize the honesty of his love and the fact that I loved him.

I waited too long to realize the significance of his love in my life. However, even though I can no longer see him, I can see how the love he carried remains with me today. It reminds me how precious and powerful love can be and inspires me to never again hesitate to love. It illustrates to me that if I love others as Christ loved me, I can change. I hold in me a power that can overcome anything. For love is not an emotion, it’s a choice I make. To love someone you must make a conscious decision to love his/her in spite of his/her mistakes. Chance did this and from now on I will try to do the same. I will love others and never again forget the power of love. Love is a choice; this I believe.