Obstacles into Stepping Stones

Jessica - orlando, Florida
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that obstacles will come into your life and the true test is what you do with them. When I was told I had an eye deformity 4 years ago, I was lost. The doctors’ words echoed through my mind of all the things I would not be able to do. The words saying that I will never read print, drive, paint, and everything I associated with sight I allowed my insecurities and self pity to build a cage of obstacles around me. I stayed in this enigma for about a year until I realized I entrapped myself by building all of these obstacles without a way of transforming them into stepping.

I believe the transformation of obstacles to stepping stones is a learning experience that is difficult to accomplish, but it makes you a better person. I’ve learned a new way of achieving independence, strength, and acceptance. Learning how to take public transportation gave me a sense of equality. Light House, an organization that teaches the blind different skills and techniques to reach fulfilled independent lives, gave me a sense of self, dedication, and patience. Attending school again with devices that obviously made me stand out was humbling but hopefully brought awareness to others that everyone is unique. The stepping stone that stands the strongest is the ability to dance and laugh like no one’s watching, because I can’t see them anyways.

I’m not saying I ever wished to be blind, or that I was happy about the situation. I may be losing my sight, but I will not lose the visions of my dreams and the stepping stones that will lead me there. With the amount of belief I have in myself and the ability to change obstacles into stepping stones, I know I can accomplish anything.