The power of Sylvia Browne and chocolate mint ice cream

Jessica - Connelly Springs, North Carolina
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

What do you get when a psychic, a mortician, and a beautiful but frazzled woman are all in the same room? It sounds like a bad joke, but this actually describes some of the most influential people in my family. I believe that through family you can learn many valuable lessons to help you in life.

My nana has taught me the value of generosity, family, and love. My nana, who is the psychic in the family, can be described as boisterous, loud, big haired, and blonde. She believes in angels, ghosts, and most importantly the almighty “power” of Sylvia Browne who comes on Montel every Wednesday. Nana has always had a heart the size of the twenty five pound turkey she makes every Thanksgiving and will assist her grandbabies in anyway possible. One time in particular was last year when I was buying a prom dress; Nana offered to help pay half the sum. I remember protesting, “But nana that’s too much money; don’t worry mama will pay for it.” She replied firmly in her thick Canadian accent, “Just hush Jessie, and let Nana take care it for you ok? That’s what nanas do.” By the end of the day, my nana had gotten her way and paid half and more on my prom dress.

My aunt Kay Kay has taught me to live life with zest and zeal. At forty one my aunt is a successful mortician. She is the only person I know who can take death seriously and at the same time be light hearted about it. Even though my aunt is a shrewd businesswoman during the day, on the weekends, especially in the summertime, she is a belly ring bearing, tattoo wearing, crazy woman who likes to let loose and have fun. Some of the best times I have had in my life were listening to her philosophies by the swimming pool. Kay Kay has given me endless advice about marriage and love. She has helped me achieve my dreams, taken me to scholarship interviews, and helped me realize that life is fleeting and one should make the most of it.

Lastly, the beautiful but frazzled woman in my life would have to be my mother, Wanda Hall, who has taught me to love and stand up for myself. With her dark, silky black hair and honey brown, almond shaped eyes, she is lovely inside and out. Over the years she has preached the benefits of sunscreen, makeup remover, and the use of Clinique eye shadow. Mom leads a very stressful life, which most of the time strains her nerves, but somehow, she’s able to juggle a household, work, and kids while still managing to make time for me. Over the years, mom has been my Dear Abbey. She has given me great advice. I remember once in the seventh grade when a girl who was my friend turned on me and started talking about me to all her friends. When I came home crying, my mom, instead of soothing me, told me to stay strong. She said in years to come that this girl wouldn’t even matter and that I was too mature to be associating with her. She then took me to Dairy Queen to get a chocolate mint ice cream, my favorite. Years later, I found out my mother was right. I am not friends with this girl anymore, and I have matured and made better friends. Mom surely knows about what the power of ice cream and good advice can do for someone.

Admittedly, my family is unusual, but they know the value of kindness, individuality, and generosity. This is why I believe that your family can teach you lessons that are priceless and valuable to life.