How Do You Judge People?

Melanie - Valdese, North Carolina
Entered on February 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Has anyone ever told you that you should make a good first impression? Well, making a good first impression is crucial. People make their first thoughts and assumptions of you when they originally meet you. At least I do.

I believe that a first impression defines who you are as an individual. Do you want people to define you as intellectual or ignorant, friendly or arrogant, rude or respectful, thoughtful or inconsiderate? Those are a few of the many categories that people group you into when they initially meet you.

People have told me that I have been labeled as “conceited and mean.” I was labeled as mean only because I did not smile constantly while walking down the hallway. Whether you are aware of it or not, people are always watching you and making new assumptions about you. Personally, I feel we have all been labeled as conceited or arrogant at least once in our lifetime. It just seems to be human nature for us to believe someone thinks they are better than us.

In today’s world, we have all interpreted our first impressions of someone before we even introduced ourselves. My impression of the jocks and the cheerleaders describes them as thinking they are better than me, the AP students all think they are smarter than me, and the preps all look down upon me. Like once, I would not talk to someone because I thought he was a prep, but now he is one of my closest friends, just because I talked to him, gave him a chance, and got to know him for who he truly was.

I am as guilty of judging someone as he is of judging me. However, my idea of a first impression is not forming your idea from which social group someone is a part of but on the personality he portrays when he first speaks to you.

I have realized that people will judge you no matter what you say or do, but you can always help to impact their decision. Instead of trying to be something you really aren’t when you meet people, let them see whom you really are, and there will be nothing bad they can say about you. I believe if you are yourself when someone first meets you, they will see who you truly are.