To Know Is Not Enough

Kendra - Sedona, Arizona
Entered on February 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that to know is not enough; it is what you do with that knowledge that matters. The more that you learn, the more you understand how little you truly know…This, of course leads to further curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that is undying, like my own. Knowledge leads to the ability to make informed decisions, and at times I have to remind my self of how important the first stepping stones are, and how important it is to pay attention as my life goes by in order to accomplish the goals that I have. I know that everyday and every step that I take, will lead me to more knowledge and closer to what I wish to do.

I look at life as a canvas filled with strokes from a paint brush; some are rough some are smooth, some spirally, and round, some ridged and square, light colors and dark colors. Each stroke from the paint brush is an experience all ruled by choices that one makes… and it is up to the individual to fill the canvas up and be able to look back at it and truly say that you have created a masterpiece. Knowledge is the hand holding the paint brush; it is up to you to determine whether you have a steady and confident hand or one that trembles without control.

I have noticed that knowledge is powerful, but what is even more powerful is knowledge used for compassion. I listen to the news today and think about how important ones actions are and how miraculous and also detrimental they can be on the world and the people around us. as I walk through miles in the desert in Tucson Arizona picking up trash left behind by scared immigrants. Bandaging blisters on feet of all types…( men, women and children, old and young…)I hope to my self not to find more wounded or to be led by the stench of rotting flesh to someone lying dead…I have found that at times government policies are misguiding and one must become personally involved to bring about change and maybe do something miraculous.

By growing up in Guatemala, ( a developing country) and working in Africa I can see where education could be the main cure for violence, poverty, and hunger. I would like to be involved with this, to create an environment where positive change can occur.

I believe that knowledge will lead to action, and action will lead to change. It is up to the individual to be able to make decisions, and act upon them… for the world is relying on them.