Boy With No Hope

ed - weed, California
Entered on February 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Ed H


Boy with no hope

I always lived my life one day at a time. Taking what was given to me and going head on. I was only five years old when I found out that school was going to be a long

ride. Eight hour Days class work and home work for two years I played basketball.

This was work but I kept on going then I make it to the eight grade it was the 2003-2004school year. My last year there I had fun we had to get ready to graduate.

My teacher tells me that I will be the making one of the speaking in front of the whole

class and there family’s.

I did not know what to do then I got the paper I saw this not so bad. As time went

on I found it harder to do. I was missing works jumping from one line to another I was not that loud. Come to find out this was the last year of the school there will be not thing to come back to. I was going to miss every one kids from my class my teachers all of them. I had to keep working of on what I had to say I was coming along I to keep my mind on that.

My mom was all ways there for me be at the age I was I did not understand how

she was helping me. I try to help her by most of the things she had ask of me clean up was one. I did not a lot of things she show me and told to so many things to help me make it. So I did my part by keeping my grades up this was no easy job I had so much to

do. There were times when I wanted to stop and do some thing else I had to work to move up.

I was as hard as I could reading what I was going to say do my school work.

So I would not miss no more words I would look it over I was not the only one who had

a part. Some other people had parts some class time was used as practice. That helped me

and the class work was deemed down. I could see the light after all it was not that bad

being up there in front of all those people.

It was taking some time to used to the fact that I was out of there bye I’ll see you some time. I know a lot of those kid a long time we was all like family we all we was going to make. Now I only see one or two of them there is always the pop up of some

I have not seen in many years. Long has it been to long what have you been up to not

much what about you same old some old. I’ll see you some time you to good seeing you

all right stay safe.

At last the day was here I was out the door on time up at the school my was there

she was happy. We was all taking that last day in the class room we said are good byes even the teacher. What really helped me was that we was all so cool I was having fun. We was singing hugging feel en real good up pop me I read paper I got some laughs.

That was it the whole class walk out we was all jump en I did it.