Just Another Day

Justin - New Lenox, Illinois
Entered on February 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My eyes open. Today is just another day. It is just another day of routine schedules and going through the motions. I take a shower, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, go to school, do my homework, hang out with friends, and go to bed. Tomorrow will be the same. Everyday is always the same.

I believe that everyday has importance and that even the little things I do can impact another person in some way. I say hello to the first person I see in the morning that I may not normally talk to. At lunch I tell people the positive things and tend to ignore the negative things to please them. I put a smile upon a friend’s face by complimenting them on their charming good looks and tell them a joke I heard last period. I stay after class to help a friend with some homework that he does not understand. I teach my helpless parents work the crazy and complex contraptions we have at home called computers and cell phones. I listen to a friend late at night to hear about their problem they had, even if I may not to share my own problem, just to make them feel better. At the end of the day, it is not me who reaps the benefits of the little things I may have done, it is how others feel. This is what really matters.

I believe that while all days may seem routine, it is the little things weaved into the everyday routine that make everyday special in some way. My eyes close. Tomorrow is never just another day. This is what I believe.