My Highs Will Prevail

Andrew - Excelsior, Minnesota
Entered on February 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Most people I have encountered hold some event in there life that they consider life changing. These memories are often something that has knocked that person down and their realization about life has lifted them back up. For example, my best friend had a problem with drugs and alcohol and even became dependent on them and depressed. My friend had gone through a divorce at a young age and never really recovered. These events eventually led the person to cut himself and reach an all time low. It was at this point that he realized what life truly was to him. He is now a great student that has been drug free for about three years. It took this ultimate low for him to find himself and recover to become the person he is today. I look at this story and other stories around me of family and loved ones dying, extreme poverty, and imprisonment and I always hear of how these rock bottom moments always bring them to their personal enlightenment.

At nineteen years old I am surprised to say that I have not undergone anything like any of my examples. Almost all my relatives are alive, my mom and dad have worked hard to give me a financially stable life, and I can’t say that I have any regrets. While this may sound like the ideal life, I sometimes believe that I have not found this enlightening experience like so many of my friends and family have. Sometimes I feel as if I am missing out on this experience and I almost begin to envy their experiences. As absurd as this sounds I have actually had this thought on occasion.

I am sure that I will one day experience an all time low, but until then I think that my lack of terrible experiences has taught me more than anything else could. Rather than needing to learn from something tragic, I have been able to find my own enlightenment in my privileges. I have become optimistic and learned to take nothing for granted. When I am having a conversation with my dad I can remember that some of my friends don’t have fathers due to deaths. When I am hanging out with my amazing friends I can realize that some people have the disease of depression and are unable to make close friends.

Everyone has their highs as well as there lows. I have gotten my enlightenment from my highs and I will one day get another from my lows. My experiences shape my life and whether it is the good or the bad, I will always learn a little bit more about my self.