I Believe in Faith

Ashley - Rossville, Georgia
Entered on February 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Across the world, there are many different ways people use faith, but in most cases, the definition of faith is the same. I have always grown up with faith of all kinds, but it was not until recently that I began to apply faith in every aspect of my life. I was just married in November of 2007 to my high school sweetheart, Kyle, who decided to join the army soon after we graduated. As you may guess, from that point on I have relied on faith to make it through each and every day. I have faith in my husband to do his job well, faith in our families to support us through hard times, faith in God to protect my husband from any harm, and faith in love that our relationship will grow stronger everyday that we have to spend apart.

My husband is currently serving a tour in Afghanistan, bravely fighting for the freedom of others. Some days are worse than others, but without faith, I believe anyone in these circumstances would fall into an all time low. Not only is it important for me to have faith in my husband and in God, it is important for my husband to have faith in himself, God, and me! It is crucial for Kyle to know that he is string enough to handle the worst, that God is great enough to protect him and be his strength in time of need, and have faith that I am here loving and supporting him through anything and everything in our lives. With the life our soldiers are having to live and the work they have to do, faith is one of the only things they have keeping them from breaking down and giving up. To know there is importance in what you are doing, and that you have God and your family supporting you is enough to keep good faith in itself.

Faith is something each person has to choose for themselves. No one should force faith upon any other, nor should they look down upon those who do not believe in it. Each person should enjoy there own beliefs, whether it be like mine, with faith in God, family, and love, or beliefs of their own in whatever they choose to believe in. As for me, I believe in faith!