Jubilant Tow Truck Drivers and Rock Band

Meagan - Dalton, Georgia
Entered on February 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the little things. I believe in the little moments that uplift your mood or your spirit. I believe in the little things people say that make you think. I believe in the little gifts people give each other for no reason. I believe in the little cards that I send to my dad even when there aren’t any holidays.

I believe in that little random moment where a stranger walks up to me after class and asks me how I did on the test. He leaves me to ponder on whether or not I should really drop the class because I feel like I can’t do it. Simply because he said, “Remember you put a lot of effort, money, and time into the class already. It would be awful to just drop it. Study harder and you can do it.” A stranger that took a brief thirty seconds of my life and time influenced me to finish the course that will help me towards a career and a college degree.

I believe in that little moment when I kiss my boyfriend and all the emotion and feeling I can give goes in to that two second touch to the lips. I believe in the little stuffed animals he brings to me at random. It lets me know he was thinking about me. I believe in the little predicament of my car breaking down, so that my boyfriend has to come out and sit with me for a little while as we wait for the tow truck driver, who laughs when he pulls up as he says, “I can’t believe you broke down AGAIN.” I believe in playing the video game, Rock Band, with my boyfriend for that little amount of time that we get to play together. Just the act of playing one or two songs every once and a while, gives us that little moment to talk about and connect on.

I believe in the little moment where I ask my friend what I should write about for my essay and he replies, “Write in pink and black that you believe in Rock Band and jubilant tow truck drivers.” I am not writing in pink and black, but I am writing about Rock Band and jubilant tow truck drivers. A little moment filled with little words that compels me to fill a page with expressions on little beliefs is an amazing thing. I believe that the little things can be life altering and that no one should take any moment for granted. One little smile could make a person’s day. One little hug can give someone a sense of relief. One little statement can give a person so much to think about. These are the little things and that is what I believe in.