This I Believe

Mark - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe Essay

I believe that my achievements and goals in life are limitless, and if I apply myself I can accomplish great things.

When I was about 12 years old in middle school, I wasn’t very good at running and dreaded having to run the mile in gym. I had always thought that I would never get any better at running, and could never reach my goals of becoming a better runner. I felt like I couldn’t accomplish this goal and that I should give up on it. So for the next few years in middle school I didn’t do anything to pursue my goal. One day over the summer before I would be arriving at L.T. my brother asked me if I wanted to join the cross- country team. I said why not give it a shot, and I decided to go. I soon joined the team and started my long struggle to becoming a better runner.

The first time I ran was probably the hardest time in my life. I thought I would only have to run maybe a mile, instead I had to run 3-4 miles minimum! Over the season it seemed that my progress was very slow and there weren’t a lot of results. I at that time wasn’t enjoying having my legs sore everyday and all of the constant running. At points during the season I felt like giving up and just quitting the team like other kids had done. When I thought about it long enough I never was able to get myself to stop and give up. Near the end of the season I saw some changes, I was getting better, my times went down and I was more in shape. Over the next summer I decided to get even more involved in running, so I did summer running. This helped get me ready for next year’s cross country, and really helped improve my running. As soon as cross country started my sophomore year I felt great and the running felt a lot easier. After we were done with some of our meets I saw that my time went down by seven minutes and that I had improved a lot. By the end of the season I had improved greatly and felt positive about my performance.

I believe that when I apply myself my goals and achievements are limitless. I feel that if I work hard enough I can accomplish things I thought were impossible like becoming a good runner. I know now that I can become very skilled at something but it takes time and effort. Right now I am still trying to push my goals even farther and keep improving on running. I am trying to be able to apply this philosophy to other things in my life, and try to improve as much as I can. As long as I give effort, dedication, and time to something I can become better at it.