Watching Over You

Mallory - Aberdeen, Idaho
Entered on February 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Watching Over You

People get into accidents, plain and simple. Some die… and others don’t. I believe that the survivors of these accidents have some sort of a greater power watching over them. All my life I have watched and seen miraculous stories where people have been trapped somewhere or have been in a “would-be fatal accident”, only to somehow survive. Some call it fate or luck that they survived, but I call them Guardian Angels.

I believe that there are miraculous people among the normal ones, more likely, Guardian Angels are normal people who have probably had no prior experience helping to save a life; but when that moment of severe need comes, they are there, watching, waiting, ready to take action and maybe save a life. I feel like I have an insight toward Guardian Angels because I have helped save at least 2 lives, at separate times.

It was last summer in early June and we had just gotten out of school maybe two weeks ago. Everyone was trying to grasp all that they could get of our very short summer vacation. This particular day, I just had a feeling that something was going to happen, good or bad, I didn’t know which. I was sitting out side on our back porch. My little brother and I had just gotten back form checking one of the turkey nests that was just across the street from our house. My little brother asked me to come inside so I could put in a movie for him. As I was setting up the movie, I heard the revv of a car engine, but thought nothing of it. After all, cars and trucks were always flying up and down our road trying to catch air over the canal only 50 yards away. Usually the only damage that would happen to the car is it would usually just bottom out and leave the driver with a sore neck. This time it was much worse. The driver was a 15 year old boy that was in my class, and he lost control of the car and rolled it in the field right across the street. I heard the crunch of the metal and glass and ran to the front window. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

That moment, I switched into Guardian Angel Mode. I called 911 and tried to stay calm. I told them our address and where the accident was. The ambulance was on the way. My mom and I ran across the street to see how bad the scene really was. What I saw was a scene from hell. The car he was driving was a total ruin, turned on its side, you could see where the windows had shattered out and had caved the roof in. the boy was lying face down in the muddy field about 7 feet from the car. My mom ran back across the street and into the house to get a blanket to cover the boy with. It might have been 75 degrees outside, but he was losing blood and going into shock. When the ambulance arrived, I told them what I had seen and heard. They thanked me for keeping calm and taking control of the situation until they arrived. As they loaded the boy onto the stretcher, I watched silently, hoping and praying to God that he would come out of this ordeal alive. He lay there in the ambulance for approximately 5 minutes before the EMT crew decided that his injuries were bad enough for life flight. 10 minutes later, the helicopter landed in our flattened out field and took him away. I am happy to tell you that he did survive and is here today. Acting as if it never happened, but the scars and pain will always be with him. I just hope he is thanking God that he had someone there to help. And just by coincidence, that Guardian Angel happened to be me.

“God assures us that his angels are always nearby, ready to help. This is what matters.”

-Timothy Jones

Guardian Angels are always watching. They are always there ready to take action. Whether you are in a life threatening ordeal or a minute problem, they can help, and most certainly will.