Clinton - USA
Entered on February 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, humility

I believe in doing things behind the scene without ever getting any credit for it.

As I look through my past, I see certain men who I want to be like. My dad, both my grandfathers, elderly men in the church I grew up in, and my pastor all come to mind. All of these men have things in common such as integrity, honesty, and humility. All of them have done many wonderful things that changed the lives of many people, including my own. But I have never heard a word of it from them. None of them sing their own praises, or even let it be known what they have done. They are the men who do things behind the scenes. I try to pattern my own life after them. Doing good things without getting glory or thanks for it is the one thing that gives me the most pleasure.

I learned what it takes to be a servant at an early age from my dad. Dad was the pastor of the same church for the first fourteen years of my life. I learned a lot of lessons by following him around when I was little. In general, if my dad didn’t do something in that church, it didn’t get done. He typed, copied, and folded the bulletins. He turned all the lights on before anyone got there, and turned them off and cleaned up after everyone else was gone. Most people never knew the small things he did for the church, but I did. I would stay late with him some nights and help him. One day I asked him if all these things were in his job description. I remember him laughing and saying that they weren’t, but that someone had to do them.

It is my goal to be the same type of man as my dad is. Although my job of stocking shelves at an arts and crafts store is not really important, I take it seriously because I know my father would, just as his father would. I enjoy doing things that help people without them even noticing. It gives me the same sense of satisfaction that I now know my father must have felt when he was turning off the lights at church late at night.

As I get older and prepare to set out and become my own man, I look back at the men in my past and hope that I can show the same humble spirit of a servant in my life.