Cornerstone, Lifeline, and Anchor

Chelsea - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on February 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in the importance of family. It is the fundamental unit of society and of my life. My family has been one of my lifelines in the middle of this sometimes crazy world.

My home is a place of escape and refuge. I can go there to refocus and to build myself up to again go out and tackle the world. A stable home with a mother and father means everything to me or any teenager. If there is a place where love and respect are shown, then, instead of constantly worrying about life at home, the focus can be on improving all other areas in life.

I have seen so many productive lives damaged or lost because of drama going on in the home; because the mother and the father may not focus on the fact that their responsibility as a couple includes raising their children to be upstanding citizens and good people. When parents fail in that purpose, the family fails, and society inevitably suffers. If the family unit were treated as the critical part of society that it is, many of the problems facing the general public today would be confronted once and for all. I know that if the citizens of this world would only realize how vital the family is, and if only troubles were worked through in the home with the remembrance that the family is crucial, then there would be so much change. With the importance of the family always in mind, families would stick together and then so would society. It would be stronger, the citizens more capable to reach past their front porches and fix the world. Not just their families.

I reap enormous benefits every day from knowing that my family cares for me and I can count on them. I have had opportunities to relate to and get to know both sides of my family tree throughout my life. I love my extended family as I do my immediate family and they add a whole different dimension to my every day because I feel their support. Some days it feels as though my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, my parents and my siblings, are all striving together to back me up. Sometimes their love gets me through tough situations. That’s the power of family I have always felt in my life. I know they will always be one of my greatest strengths.