Dare to Care?

Rima - El cajon, California
Entered on February 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in helping people change for the better and all it takes is a touch from your heart to theirs. All it takes is a dare. A dare to care.

It all began this one afternoon. I was hired to work in a pharmacy. My co-workers always talked about their past stories of customers going whild on us pharmacy clerks for reasons such as high co pays, high deductables, medicines not being covered, ect., which were really not our fault; however, we were always the easy ones to blame.

One day, a lady named Mary, (nicknamed the Grinch by my co workers), was in line to pick up her medicine. As soon as she got in line, I could hear all my co workers whisperin about how she was the rudest customer, she’s never satisfied, loud, obnoxious, and always complained to our district manager after each visit. Basically, she could never be pleased. As it was her turn, I could feel everyone’s heart beating, just hoping she had no complaints. However, as the cashier rang her up, her total became over $400.00 and the cashier told her that her insurance had been terminated. There she was, screaming at us with a line of customers behind her. No one, I repeat no one moved from their spot. Then I dared and challeneged myself to help her and see if i could changer her. I told the cashier to send her my way. As she walked toward me still extremly angry, yelling, and givingus all the meanest look every, I looked her in the eye. I introduced myself with a smile. I wanted to be like a caring friend to her. I had told Mary (the Grinch), that I was going to try and do my best in solving her problem and and that I was going to call her insurance. As it only took me ten minutes to fing out she had new updated information, I immediately corrected her transaction and told her everything was fine and not to worry. I then rang her up personally and told her that if she ever needed anything, to let me know, I would do my best in always taking care of her.

That was about five years ago since that story happened. Today, she still is a customer at the pharmacy that I still work for. She was the evidence that I needed to prove that caring for someone, even a stranger, could change them for the better. Ever since that day, no one has called her the Grinch. We have never recieved and complaints. Everyone is still amazed on how she changed little by little. Since then, we began to see her smile, be nice, patient, and kind.

At that time, little did I know that she was suffering from breast cancer. Her husband and young son were both diagnosed with diabetes. I believe all she needed was someone to care fpr her. It looked like she was always taking care of everything and everyone even though she was tsick herself. I know I touched her heart when I dared to care.