This I believe dreams can come true

Kristen - Orkney Springs, Virginia
Entered on February 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe dreams can come true. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed that we would move into a big house, and I wouldn’t have to share a room anymore. I dreamed and wished everyday of my egotistical life. My mom kept telling me “someday”, I was so upset but I believed her, then when I was seven years old. I asked her, “When are going to move into a big house so I don’t have to share a room?” She said, “When we have time and money.” I believed her because she is my mother. We moved eight in times in my life, back and forth through states.

We moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia, Pennsylvania to Virginia, Pennsylvania to Virginia, Pennsylvania to Virginia, and Tennessee to Virginia. My mom finally settled in Virginia. My dream was sort of coming true. My mom had my five year old sister Hannah, on May 30, 2002. Then on October 11, 2003 she married my step-dad, two weeks later, my mom told my brother and I she was having another baby.

My brother wanted a little brother, and I wanted another sister, my wish had come true, my brother was so upset and I felt so bad. My mom, step-dad, sisters, brother, and I all moved into a big house in Mount Jackson when I was seven years old. I still had to share a room with my sisters and I wasn’t very happy.

I had my twelfth birthday party there in that old house. Then in August we moved into a huge house in Orkney Springs. It took us three months to get all of our stuff unpacked. When we finally got settled, I still had to share a room with my sisters, but it was pretty cool.

Two months went by and it was lonely, but when I found out one of my friends lived only three miles away from me, I was so excited and so was she. Then on October 28, 2006 I turned 13 years old. My mom gave me the most wonderful gift I had ever gotten, she kicked the girls out of my room gave them their own. I finally had my own room I was so happy, I could barely breathe. Yeah some dreams come true and some don’t. Mine did, all you have to do is believe and you never know, your dreams could come true too.