James - Quicksburg, Virginia
Entered on February 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

James E


I believe there are real super heroes like Wolverine- he has some type of metal covering his bones that give him his claws. He joined the X Men to save people.

There’s also Deadpool, who volunteered for the Project X program to cure his cancer. It did but it gave him super powers in return. He fights all alone with no help.

Then there’s Spiderman who got bitten by a radioactive spider in the science museum. He can do everything a spider can but make a web. He made a device to make a web for him. He fights by himself in New York. His uncle Ben was killed in a carjacking.

The Thing was Mr. Fantastic’s co pilot. They got hit by radiation and Ben Grim turned in to a rocky creature and gave himself the name the Thing. Then Mr. Fantastic got all stretchy and became Mr. Fantastic.

There’s also Iron man who was kidnapped and the kidnapers refused to give him medical treatment for his heart until he created weapons for them. So he created a suit of armor with a pacemaker to keep his heart beating, and then he was able to help people.

Then there’s the Hulk who isn’t a hero but is super. He has gamma in him that turns him into the Hulk when he gets mad.

Next there’s Captain America who was given the super solder syndrome in World War II. He has a shield made of viberaniam, and he was frozen in the artic circle and thawed in a government facility. He helps every one that needs help.

Also there’s Storm who grew up in North Africa. She escaped her master and headed south. She nearly died of dehydration which awoke. Her power to control weather she began helping random villages providing rain for their crops until Charles Xavier asked her to join the X Men in America.

They are the super heroes I know. I would want to be like most of them. My favorite super hero is wolverine I think his claws are the best. I like all of marvels and dc comics.