This I Believe: Life isn’t fair

Jessica - Mt. Jackson, Virginia
Entered on February 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life isn’t fair. If life was fair there wouldn’t be hurt, or unhappiness in the world. Life isn’t fair. If life was fair my parents wouldn’t have split up so much, while I was growing up. Life isn’t fair. If life was fair my mom wouldn’t be so depressed, and she’d laugh again. Life isn’t fair. If life was fair I would be happy. This I believe: life isn’t fair.

Every Saturday morning when I wake up and flip through the shows on T.V., I always stop on BET, because on Saturdays those feed the children shows come on. When I watch it, I sometimes cry. Those young children and babies are sick, hungry, and dying. I wish so much that I could help them. All they feed those kids is corn. Sometime I think about how life must be for them, but then again life isn’t fair.

My parents have been together off and on for twenty-two years, so I basically grew up as a kid without a father. My brothers and I weren’t allowed to see my dad, because my parents argued constantly. I sometimes still ask my mom, “Why can’t you just stay together, so I can have a father?”

My mother answered, “You do have a father, but life isn’t fair; you can’t always get what you want.” When I was little I never really understood that saying, but growing up it hit me more and more. Life isn’t fair.

My mother has been depressed lately; I don’t know why, but it concerns me a lot, because my mom has is my hero and she has always been there for me. She won’t smile, and she won’t laugh. My brothers and I miss the mother we used to have. I ask my mom, “Why are you so sad?”

She always responds with, “Life isn’t fair.” I wish life could be fair, so my mother would smile again. Life isn’t fair.

I have finally figured this out: as I get older I have so much going on in life that has made me unhappy. Everyday I ask myself, “If life is supposed to be about happiness, what’s the point to live if you’re not happy?” Life isn’t fair.

When I first got asked what I believe in, my first thought was, my family. It was so hard to write about my family, because I don’t consider us to be a real family. My parents argue constantly and my mom works a lot. Remembering the sick kids in Africa, my parents, and how I wasn’t happy, I thought, I believe life isn’t fair. To me if life was fair the world would be a much better, much happier world. I can’t imagine a life without starvation, sadness, or hurt. Often times I think about a world like that. If only life was fair.