A Way To Stay Just Like Today

Neil - Broofield, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There comes a point in everyone’s life in which they encounter the first person who will change them. That person is called their first love. Not many first loves will survive the problems that they will encounter, and many times, they end up falling hard. But when there is a way to fall hard, there must be a way to get up quick. I believe that poetry is a healer of the heart.

When I was an incoming freshman, I had met a girl who had changed my life. She was pretty, outgoing and funny. I had enjoyed the moments that we had spent together, but the naïve part of me had been blinded by the soon-to-become end. Suspicions arose when she could not attend my first homecoming with me at LT, which was followed by a break up the very next day. I was very upset and did not know how to cope, considering this was the first time I had felt emotions such as these. I was searching for a way to help me release everything inside me, without sharing them with others and being embarrassed. At first I drew a picture or two, hoping that it would help everything go away, but not much had left me. Then, I had tried one of the greatest things to ever happen to me, I had discovered my talent in poetry.

I would write line after line, with only a brief pause for a rhyming word. It was a way for me to just write everything down, and get everything out, while still keeping it within my own life. The days passed by, and the poems kept on getting better. After awhile, it had finally allowed me to deal with everything, and I was feeling better, and back to my old self, with a new part added.

The poetry did not stop once I had felt better, though, for as there is an arrangement of depressing, cheerful and hateful poems in my collection. Poetry helped me get through a tough time in my life, and my skills in it have greatly improved since the day I started. The enjoyment of the relief of stress is so great, I have made it a hobby of mine now, and helps me keep a smile on my face, each and every day.