I believe that being normal is overrated.

Andrew - countryside, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Andrew K

This I Believe

Every day of my life I’ve heard people complain and question; “Do I look fat?” “How should I do my hair?” The majority of the human race spends their daily lives trying to fit in with the crowds. They want to look cool, and they want to be pretty. They do every thing in their power to keep themselves popular and sometimes even beyond, breaking the law or their parents’ rules. They will even put themselves in danger in order to look what for some reason is considered cool.

I don’t understand it. Who decides what makes things cool and other things not? I have never gotten an intelligent answer for that question, therefore, I have never changed anything about myself to fit in. I always stuck to what I thought was right, whether it was popular or it made me a social outcast, I never cared. That way of life has achieved it getting me beat up and called names. People have stolen and sometimes destroyed my property. They have threatened my family, my pets, and especially myself. I have spent the majority of my life being punished and mistreated by the masses. What was my crime? It was all because I chose to live how I felt was right, instead of their “ideal” way of life.

There was never a year in my life so far that was void of being attacked for my beliefs and choices. Yes I am human, there were days when I chose to act in ways I would never usually agree with so I could get the “popular ones” to leave me be for the day. I give myself three of those days a year, three separate days in which I have the option to act how the “popular ones” want me to act. I usually save them for days in which I am exhausted or just not up for the daily attacks by those people. The choices I make during those days usually turn out to be the worst choices I ever make, and nearly all of the choices leave negative outcomes, sometimes leaving permanent scars both literally, mentally and figuratively.

Many people question me “why do I live like this if I spend so much time being pushed around?” I choose to live like this because I believe that no one should ever have to change anything about themselves to live peacefully with everyone else. I will continue to live like this as a role model to those who are oppressed by the masses for their choices. I will make it through the my life living how I see fit, maybe destroyed on the outside, but my will power will go on until the day comes when it becomes popular to be happy living as yourself. I do believe that when that day comes, juvenile crime will decrease dramatically because the majority of those crimes are done with the intention of being popular. There is no crime in being your self.