Love is a fire-This I believe

Dawei - 32310, Florida
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I am the only child of my parents. They put high expectations on me. Ever since I was two or three years old, they taught me mathematics and Chinese poetry. They focused on my study, my courses and my grades but seldom on my character. They seldom played with me and taught me little about people, feeling, or friends. Quite often they kept me studying at home when my buddies asked me to join them.

Things changed after I met one girl, my current wife. By and by she totally changed me through her care, her passion, her smile and her tears. I had never been cried when seeing movies before I met her. Now I know what other guys are feeling since I have the same experience of loving.

I know even more about love after I had my daughter. Throughout my life, I will never forget the moment when my daughter opened her beautiful black eyes for the first time and looked at me. At that time the whole night’s waiting and the following days were all worth it. I extended my love to her. At the beginning, she was so young that she couldn’t smile not to mention expressing herself. But later I was given more and more happiness back. Now I truly believe children are angels from Heaven. I will try my best to give my daughter a happy childhood.

In my opinion, love is a fire. It can be given to a hardhearted guy and warm him. Once he understands, love will be returned and passed on to others. I hope every one of us, who knows what love is, can be a fire so the world will have a better future.