I Believe in Harry Potter

Nicole - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe, I believe Harry Potter is …basically amazing. Seeing me today carrying around books 2 ½ inches thick you probably wouldn’t guess how much I once loathed reading. My sister bought the first Harry Potter in 1998 and every night my dad read to me the adventures and friendships of Harry, Ron, Hermione and the entire wizarding world. I could even recite whole chapters by the time the second one came out a year later.

So… Why is Harry Potter so amazing? First off H P’s become an obsession all over the world, a phenomenon bigger than Star Wars and High School Musical combined. I’ve often heard it referred to as “Potter Mania”. Because from Hippogriffs and thestrals to Crumple-Horned SnorKacks and Blast Ended Skrewts; from Wingardium Leviosa and Expecto Patronum to Imperio and Avada Kadavra there’s something for nerds of all ages to get excited about.

So… Why is Harry Potter so amazing? It’s how every element flows and grows together. When I was six the Philosopher’s Stone was horrifyingly huge now the Order of the Phoenix is “light reading”. As the readers grew up so did the characters and plot line and by the time the Deathly Hallows came out we find that every thing is more complexly connected than we could have ever imagined … not to mention “The Prince’s Tale” in Deathly Hallows where we learn that Snape is…actually a good guy.

So…Why is Harry Potter so amazing? Harry helped me open doors and books I would never have even seen without him. Now I know I like fantasy, I like to write about it, I like to read it, I like to discuss all types of fantasy. When I need a book I go right for the creatures and spells. But this also leads me to mythology, like the story of King Midus and the mortal girl’s seduction of Cupid. I’ve started conversations simply about how amazing the books are and ended up on the discrimination of centaurs, but that’s an entirely different topic.

So… Harry Potter —-Basically amazing. Major props to J.K. Rowling or Rolling how ever you say it. Because I had a thousand things I could have written about but nothing I believe in more than Harry Potter, the boy who lived.