Madhuri - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I believe change happens for a reason either we like it or not. Like Amy Tan said “If you don’t change your fate; change your attitude.”

Change happens everyday in our lives but we all cope with our changes differently even though some changes are harder that others. My way of thinking is very simple, enjoy life to the fullest and overcome any changes in life. For instance a change that could be very hard could be health issues. Many people have health issues and deal with them in different ways. Someone could find out they have cancer, or dying from an unknown illness, to viruses and diseases, to just getting plain sick. How you can think could affect your future, but changing your attitude could make it better. Changes will always happened but like a brick wall we have to conquer change.

Change happens everyday but people might not even know it is happening. Some changes won’t change your life in a drastic way but could change a little . When you go to school and a teacher is gone, that is a change. When you skip a meal one day, that’s a change. When you take a nap after a long hard day of work, that’s a change. There are many changes that we don’t care about but change is always there.

Change happens everyday but from that we could gain so much that we might have never learned from someone. Say a person that might be goofing off in class that actually wants to get serious about their grade could change their habits and become a succeeding person. Or even a person that did crime could find someone to change his or her perspective.

My philosophy of change is act like you’re in a boxing match and your opponent is change. Change could be anything but there are only two things you know. First that is big and will never stop fighting. Second thing you know that could come in handy is that whenever you overcome a change, change will be defeated and you could move on to a better life ahead.