Southern Raising

Carrie - Dalton, Georgia
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Southern Raising

I think getting raised in the south could bring one up very narrow—minded. I come from a religious, country, farm and strong moral having family. On both sides of my family, there has been hardly any divorces(meaning one), no children before marriage, and many high school sweethearts still together. I love my family and its purity, but I wonder why they refused to understand anything outside their own beliefs and morals. I live in Georgia, and I have never lived anywhere else. I feel the south loves their tradition. I think traditions are wonderful, but don’t people want to know what other peoples traditions are and make their own. I believe in being open-minded. I believe being open-minded gave me personal freedom, love, and the purpose of my life.

A personal sense of freedom is hard for many people to find. When I was seven, my family moved from the country to Cartersville, Georgia. Cartersville is a very diverse city, and me being brought up with only one way to do everything began to confuse me. I remember starting school and seeing all the different kids. Even though I was only six, I remember wanting to get to know the kids that were different from me. My best friend in kindergardin was a black girl named Stacy(we are still friends to this day), and she was the beginning of my freedom. Throughout school I struggled with understanding people and their beliefs compared to my families. I did a lot of reading and researching, but through the searching for answers I found myself. I am a lot different from my family, but I feel I am a lot happier than anyone in my family because of me being open-minded to different things. I have a personal sense of freedom from the worlds imprisonments.

Even though I felt free, I still went on through school struggling with relationships. I loved my white rich jocks when I first started dating. Through my search for answers in high school, I found the freedom or open-mindedness to date outside my race and religion. With that fearless approach, I found my true love Brandon. Brandon is a black man, and we have been together over six years. My family has come to except and love Brandon just as much as I do. I believe my relationship is just another way to show there is no limits to life.

Thirdly, I do believe people are put own earth for a reason. I feel the reasons could be as simple as loving someone, helping someone, or as big as the future President of the United States. I feel the purpose of my life is the result of me being so open-minded. Everyone I know comes to me for advice because they know I want judge them. I am not a pessimistic or a optimistic, but I am a realistic. I feel when people seek advice they are not looking for someone to make the decisions for them, but for someone to help them make the decision for themselves. I have helped many people with relationships, life choices, and simple understanding of things. My favorite thing to help people with is being more open-minded about things. There is a girl at my work that has a problem with all the illegal immigrants in the United States. We were at work one day, and I was letting her talk about how she felt about the immigrant issues. I knew many things to say to her to make her change her mind, but I wanted to prove them to her. I went home and did a little bit of research and printed some things out about living in Mexico and getting citizenship. I brought the research to her the next time we worked. I told her how I felt about the issues, and what I thought the problems were. I believe it only took about ten minutes before she felt sorry for the immigrants and wanted to help them with the issues in America. Please do not misunderstand me I am not perfect. I seek answers everyday, but I love the fact I can help people see the bigger picture about things.

Believing is what makes everyone different. People believe in many different things, but what I believe in the most is being open-minded. Personal freedom, love, and the purpose of my life were all found through being open-minded and looking outside the traditions of my family. I believe looking through and understanding other peoples lives made me appreciate mine a lot more. Whose life will you help change today?