Casey - Valdese, North Carolina
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the simple act of belief. Raised by a single dad, constantly tested after the divorce by the seemingly cruel world of middle school, not affiliated with any church, many times it was hard to create my own tapestry, my own dreams that solidified my place in this world. Who was I? How could I contribute in some way to bettering this world?

My father got a card from one of his best friends in the mail the other day, which said simply: wonderful things happen when we believe. I’d recently been in a studio, recording a demo of my recent songs. I studied the card as if I’d never read the word before. “I don’t feel fatherly pride, as if I were the one who gave you your musical ability,” dad told me, “but I want to help.” In other words, he was telling me he believed. I sat down and cried for about ten minutes after that, thinking that there is no greater power than to really believe in some one. I can’t tell you my beliefs on war, abortion or the death penalty, or whether those little sugar packets you find in restaurants will really give you cancer. I can only say that wonderful things happen when we believe. When we believe in ourselves, and when we believe in others. So take this with you, if nothing else: tell someone you love you believe in them. There is power in belief.