I believe in goals

Caitlin - Rocky Face, Georgia
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in goals. Goals are an important part of life. They have helped me succeed in so many things if I have stayed focused on them. They have changed my life and changed me for the better. Goals, no matter how small, can have a dramatic outcome. I believe in setting goals, staying focused on those goals, and fulfilling goals.

I believe in setting goals. To some this may sound strange, but to me, this is how I get through each day. I set goals for myself all day long, even if it’s just finding a parking spot when I get to school, or having the goal to eat a healthy lunch. I also set bigger, broader goals. Goals like maintaining a 3.0 or higher GPA throughout school. Goals like that require more attention and time, but still are what get me through each day. I believe in staying focused on those goals. I give myself reasons upon reasons to stay focused on the goals that I set each day. I could set goals all day long, but unless I stay focused on those goals none of them will ever have a good outcome. I could say that I want to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA for my whole school career, but unless I make a point each day to go study and do well in those classes, I won’t be focused and I won’t succeed. I believe in fulfilling those goals. This is the last step that completes the trio of goals. I have to set a goal and stay focused in order to fulfill that goal. When I do end up fulfilling my goals, I feel great. I feel like a success, and like I could take on the world. In my eyes, fulfilling a goal is like completing a dream. Fulfilling all my goals is actually one of my other broad goals that I have set for myself. So, I have to stay focused on fulfilling my goals, and then I am able to fulfill fulfilling my goals. It’s a long circle of goals in the end.

So, I believe in goals. Everyone should set goals for themselves. Goals can help you achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life. I believe in setting goals, staying focused on my goals, and fulfilling my goals. Goals are what have made me succeed in my own life so far. I plan on setting many more goals and succeeding even greater.