What Do I Believe?

Riley - USA
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What do I believe? Well, that’s a question that cannot be answered easily. The world has become a place where things to believe in have become scarce. I’ve tried to think of something that I know I can always rely on. A rock, something I can stand on. I came up with only one thing that I can be certain I can believe in, and that is companionship.

I believe that every person needs somebody else to rely on. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, just somebody that you can consider your best friend. I’ve found that a best friend is something you can rely on no matter what is going on. A best friend is the person who is there when you need them. We have all had those days when we feel like everything is going wrong. I believe we all need that person to keep us afloat. I feel like I would go insane without my best friend.

For me, my best friend is a person that looks out for me. She inspires me. As a result, I am a better person. The life of a high school student includes many activities and pressures that can are hard to handle for young adults. The desire to be considered cool is something that many kids want, although many would never admit that. Sometimes the pressure of high school life leads kids to decisions that are extremely questionable. My best friend makes my life bearable, and I’ve never felt the pressure to conform to any standards of my peers. That’s what makes her amazing. She completely accepts me for who I am.

I am not one who opens up easily. I keep a lot of things close to my chest; I just don’t feel comfortable telling people about what is going on in my life. My best friend is somebody that I can talk to. There’s a level of trust between us. We are able to tell each other everything without judging each other. When my grandfather passed away after spending six months in a hospital bed after a motorcycle accident. I felt like I needed to put on a strong face for my family. Everybody was having a really hard time with Grandpa’s passing, and I felt like I needed to show a strong face for the family. The night he was passed I was with my best friend. I received the news from my parents. Upon hearing the news, I was extremely sad. Usually, I can hold my emotions in, when I don’t want others to see. When I was with her I was able to cry without feeling weird. The freedom to express my emotion without fearing her reaction is very important to me. I have found a person that will always have my back, and I believe that having a companion is an irreplaceable part of my life.