Emily - 55416, Minnesota
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe that with teamwork and preparation, people can achieve goals that would be unattainable to individuals. There are numerous accounts of “underdogs” beating opponents who were supposedly better than they were. It’s not that a team just gets super lucky one night and can beat someone better than they are. There is a lot to be said about a team who comes from behind and can defeat a squad based on their hard work and preparation. Just this week I experienced what it was like to be that underdog and come from behind by using teamwork to defeat a state champion team.

The Blake School and Breck School have been long-time rivals. One of the biggest rivalries we have is through our hockey programs. The Breck girl’s team in particular has had an extreme contention with the Blake girl’s team because they have not been able to beat them since 1994. I especially have had a bone to pick with the Blake team for the last six years because I have watched my team lose to Blake at least twelve times. This year we knew that in sections if all went well we would be playing Blake to go to the state tournament.

The entire season was a build up to the one game that would determine the fate of both of our seasons. After our semifinal win against Mound West-Tonka, we knew it was time to bear down and figure out what we had to do as a team to defeat Blake in the championship. A few days before the big game, our team sat down and made a list of things we had to do together to make this win happen. We made signs that we hung on our locker room door that said all the things we had to do to defeat them. Every time we walked out of the locker room we were forced to remind ourselves of our goal.

We played Blake this past Saturday, and for the first time in 12 years, we defeated them. I have never felt such satisfaction in my entire life to know that we had finally done it and that every single person on the team played a role in that win. Now their season is done and we will be advancing to the state tournament.

There is no way that my team could have beaten Blake if we had not done everything the way we did to prepare for that game. If we had not played harmoniously as a team and had instead all wanted to be the “hero” of the game we would not have won. Everyone had to put away her pride and do what was best for the team on Saturday, and because of that we accomplished a seemingly impossible goal. Teamwork allowed us to do what we could not accomplish as individuals.