The Common People

Raven - wichita, Kansas
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

Raven H

24 February 2008

This I Believe

In today’s world where chaos and pandemonium have turned into the norm, it is essential to stay optimistic and motivated. But, truly the people who keep this world optimistic and motivated are the common people. The ones that wake up everyday setting out on a journey. I, as the daughter of two everyday working parents, feel the economic and social struggle that goes along with the status of the working class. Also, as an American, I strongly feel that the bases of this country were built for and by the common man. Because of the us common people: the rich are rich, businesses strive, economies soar, patriotism, and more. The common people work at jobs where no one else will work. The feeling of us making that honest dollar in order to support ourselves and our families is what strengthens the common man. This kind of feeling inspires the young. As a girl, all I ever wanted to do was to have a job where I am giving back to a society that has given me so much insight to true meaning of life. We are the ones that keep the community together by expressing the need to press on and to look toward the future. I’ve always been told that it might be the minority who stick out, but it is the majority that makes a difference. Well I interpreted that to mean that even though there are times where we think that acting alone is okay, that only real way of completing the task is by everyone working to together. Just like the analogy of the school of fish, one by itself would not survive, but the thousands of them can guard against the biggest of creatures. Also the saying the it takes a village to raise a child. Well I think that everyone can learn from the common people. Those people who dedicate their lives to helping better the image of honesty, pride, humbleness, and appreciate will set a precedent that will never be broken. The trust that they show in their eyes, when the run into a burning house to save lives; those who risk their lives everyday in order for everyone else to live their’s. For those who take care of our sick, and find remedies to prevent further pain. When we take the time to realize that money does not make the world go round, but it is the people in it that do then can realize that the only way to come to together is to work together. Not for the rich to ignore the poor or the poor to accept defeat, but for everyone to reunite together. One way of this happening is having the middle man, the common people, they know the hardships like that poor and the luxuries that come with life, like the rich. The common people will be the ones that give everyone hope for the future. This is believe.