i belive

Ian - western springs, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Music has a power like none other; it has the power to influence our mind, body, and soul. Music is an essential to life, whether it be hip hop, rock, country, or reggae. Yet all music has one thing in common, the ability to make an imprint on us all.

The first time I ever really experienced music was at my first concert. I will never forget seeing Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. It was an experience not to be forgotten. Besides the witnessing some of the greatest guitar soloing I have ever seen, I learned something that night. I learned that music has a divine power to bring people together and affect us all. Since the CSNY show, I have attended dozens of more shows, from rock all the way to reggae, yet the atmosphere seems to never change. Everyone always is enjoying themselves and having a good time. I have reasoned from my past experiences that music has the power to bring out passion in people. When this came to mind it reminded me of the Woodstock music festival. The festival turned out to be complete chaos but we must not forget the main reason that 450, 000 people gathered, it was for the music. The thousands of concert goers put aside everything just to enjoy the music.

Music has the power to influence us all. It can pick us up when we’re down or put us down when we’re up. Whether it fire us up for a big game, or help us to sit back and relax, music has the diverse power to accomplish that. The feeling you get when you can’t help but to tap your foot to a beat, or when you can’t stop repeating a song in your head, all these emotions are powered by music. Weather it be a phat beat or a crunchy groove music can overpower us all. Music is a way of expressing oneself. Music can be used to change way ourselves and others around us think. For example Bob Marley used his rebel music to inspire his fellow rastamen to rise up and overcome. Music is way to express oneself. Music is not just way of influence, but a way of life.